I am a person on a journey of faith.

I grew up in an evangelical Christian environment, and around 15 I had an experience with Jesus that changed my life forever.

I went from a fairly nondescript evangelical to a prophets-and-apostles-are-for-today charismatic. I became a minister, and for a long time, I was happy.

However, you can’t hide from cognitive dissonance forever, and eventually, I left the ministry and went through a deep crisis of faith.

This blog is separate from my main blog at rdev.co.za because I want to talk about purely spiritual and philosophical things whereas my main blog is more for work.

I love the believers in my life, but they don’t always want to hear the ‘far out’ things that I have to say, so this blog is my way of thinking out loud.

If you resonate with some of the things that I share, please feel free hit me on social media.

I wish you all the best!